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Globe (Deloitte's LGBTQ+ Network) Has has the pleasure of having Jude present webinars on Transgender Inclusion. Jude is a fantastic and engaging speaker and our people gave a very positive feedback, following both sessions with many commenting that their talks were amongst the best they'd heard. LGBTQ+ inclusion is a priority for us and having Jude join us as a speaker, educator and activist helps all our people feel included.

Laurie Rutter - Consultancy 


  • 1 in 3 UK employers admitted they would be less likely to hire a transgender person

  • 1 in 8 transgender employees in the UK have been physically attacked by customers or colleagues.

  • Over two thirds of trans people hide their identity at work in comparison 

  • 32% had experienced discrimination in the workplace in the last 5 years 

  • 43% had quit because their work environment was unwelcoming 

  • 20% said they experienced fewer micro aggressions since working from home during the pandemic

Transgender Employment Statistics UK

Stonewall 2018 & Total Jobs 2021

"To ensure an organisation is LGBTQ+ inclusive it must uphold standards in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010, a legislation in the United Kingdom that protects LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. Training will provide businesses the necessary knowledge and skills to implement these requirements so that they are better equipped to understand, support and respect their fellow colleagues. Presentations are tailored to specific and relevant learning outcomes at the clients request. 


As a queer, trans & non-binary identifying person, ​Jude offers their insight, including personal and professional experience"

Topics of Focus

Gender Identity/diversity

Sex & Gender 

Sexual Orientation

Language and Terminology 

Intersex Awareness 

Gender Dysphoria & Body Image

Sexual Health & Relationships

Tackling Discrimination 

Policies & Legislation 

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

The current climate for trans people in the UK

Key findings, research and myth-busting 

Bridging the generational divide 

Helpful tips to strengthening bonds & communication 

A guide to social and medical transition  

Support pathways for people questioning their gender identity 

Support pathways for parents & families

Additional resources 

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