Transphobic hate crimes have risen by 80% across the UK

National Police Data 2019

45% of LGBT pupils including 64% of trans pupils are bullied for being LGBT in Britains schools

50%  LGBT pupils hear homophobic slurs 'frequently' and 'often' at school. 

48% of trans people under the age of 26 said they attempted suicide.


More than four in five trans young people have self-harmed, as have three in five lesbians. 

The number of LGB people have have experienced a hate from or incident in the last year because of their sexual orientation has risen by 78% since 2013

26% of lesbian, gay, and Bi staff say they have personally experienced bullying or poor treatment from colleagues in the last five years as a result of their sexual orientation 

Stonewall 2017

PSHE, Teacher Training, Parent's Evenings & Corporate Training

To ensure an organisation is LGBTQ+ inclusive, organisations must be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to best understand and support their staff members. Presentations are tailored to specific and relevant learning outcomes at the clients request.

Identifying as LGBTQ+, Non-binary and transgender myself, I am able to offer unique insight and personal experience to my sessions. 

Topics may include:

Gender Identity

Sexual orientation

Language and Terminology 

Intersex Awareness 

Gender Dysphoria & Body Image

Sexual Health & Relationships

Tackling discrimination 

International Legislation 

Mental Health & Wellbeing