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Jude is a Trans, Non-binary Public Speaker, Consultant and Model.


As seen in Vogue, Jude was the first non-binary person to represent Harrods for their H beauty campaign, with the tagline “My beauty is being myself’ Jude continues to strive to be the role model they needed growing up. They use their platform to share trans joy, speaking very openly about their own journey, with the hope of inspiring the future generations of trans and non-binary youth so they may see themselves represented, empower themselves and celebrate who they are!


Jude is not only paving the way for trans and non-binary representation in the world of fashion & beauty but is also championing trans equality in schools and businesses across the UK and Europe. Jude will be delivering a first ever TEDx talk on the topic in May 2022.

Jude works with some of Britain’s leading independent schools as well as audiences from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Including Marlborough College, Bedales School, Deloitte and Sony.

Jude's public speaking career started 10 years ago when they started working for the Amy Winehouse Foundation in the charity's early days. Jude travelled to schools across the country as a part of their resilience programme, telling their life story and speaking about their struggles with substance misuse, peer pressure and how to build up resilience. On occasion they publicly spoke with Mitch Winehouse to audiences and were invited to speak to members of parliament at The House of Lords.

They went onto to train with DREDUK as a PSHE educator. They built a freelance career, working with education teams and charities across the country. They work internationally delivering a range of workshops including Trans & LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Addiction & Substance Misuse, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Peer Pressure and Bullying. They have  been featured in Vogue Italia, BBC News Beat, BBCthree, Vice, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Refinery29 and more...

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