Jude is a trans and non-binary public speaker, consultant and model. They deliver LGBTQIA+ and Trans Awareness training to students, teachers, parents and professionals to schools and businesses all over the UK and Europe. They incorporate their own experiences through a very honest and open account of their journey from childhood and struggles with their mental health to eventually breaking free from the chains of social conditioning and discovering their authentic self. They describe a journey of recovery to an ongoing journey of self discovery. Jude has delivered training to some of the world’s top corporate firms such as, Deloitte and works in some of the UK's most prestigious private schools such as Marlborough and Bedales. 


Jude is one of the UK's rising non-binary models. Their modelling career started when they were approached by a top casting agent and cast for a Harrods' Beauty campaign. They were the first non-binary person so represent Harrods, a significant and important step forward for high profile brands within the fashion and beauty industry. 

Jude regularly contributes to international press and was featured in Vogue Italia, invited to talk on the subject of non-binary inclusion in fashion and beauty. They share their journey to becoming Jude and celebrate their non-binary identity through public speaking and social influencing. By educating a wider audience they hope to break barriers, challenge stigma and encourage people to embrace a culture that is more inclusive of trans and non-binary people.

Jude aims to become the role model they lacked having grown up. Without the use of social media or accessibility to resources or information, Jude didn't have the means to discover themselves sooner. Through visibility and by paving the way for inclusion, they hope to inspire the future generation of trans and non-binary youth, so that they may see themselves represented, feel empowered and celebrate who they truly are. 


They provide a range of workshops including Trans Awareness & Gender Diversity, LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Misuse, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self-Harm, Peer Pressure and Bullying. They been featured in Vogue Business, BBC News Beat, BBCthree, Vice, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Refinery29 and more...